Seven stores between Cattolica, Cesenatico and Cesena with only one focus: handbags!
 Since 40 years Yuri Fashion Group is dedicated to crafting every woman main desire
and this is done from design to finishing, in our shop in San Mauro Pascoli.

Two siblings, Yuri and Catia Gobbi, managing a company "Born forty years ago from an idea of my mother" Yuri says.
"She was remarkably innovative in her idea, since she founded the company in a famous area for high end shoes (San Mauro Pascoli) but nobody yet was crafting handbags".
Partnering with her husband, she opened the first stores YURI in Riviera, before passing the relay to the second generation, today, the soul of Yuri Fashion Group.

"There's high synergy between my sister Catia and I. I'm in responsible for style, design, models and production while she's the commercial director of the company, managing the stores (now seven) also as buyer. Because other than bags manufactured in our company, we offer also selected clothing and accessories. When needed, Catia and I can also swap roles."

After high school, Yuri attended courses for design and models, developing for leather. But his passion and expertise comes from his working experience at Trussardi, when the head designer was Nicholas Ghesquière, today creative director at Louis Vitton.
"This is a job that intentionally we keep doing at our own pace" Yuri says, "taking advance of our company size, that allows us a certain autonomy and fast response to the market needs".
Today all companies, big and small, in the clothing and leather industry are force to shorten the production cycle, with a pace unthinkable just few years ago, due to the fact that once there was two collections every year and that was it.
I imagine having the complete production cycle inside your compan is an advantage...
"For us is normal, meaning that since the beginning we were launching small productions between one collection and the other. Today those are called cruise or capsule"
Since all the process, from design to finishing, is all internal to our company, for us is relatively simple to craft few pieces and test them in our stores, this give us great feedback for us to decide if it could be added to the collection."

There's a long term plan at Yuri Fashion Group with two new brand stores abroad. "The dimension of our operation both at production and exposure level is very gratifying and allows optimum life rhythm. Regardless the long lasting recession, we have been able to achieve growth year after year".

Not only this, in March 2014 started the construction of the first boutique hotel of the group.
"The structure will be shaped on the restructuring of Villa Italia, one of the first villas of Cesenatico, built at the beginning of 1900".
Few hundred meters away from the beach, the little luxury residence will host eight elegant, spacious and comfortable suites.
Size of the rooms will vary from 30 square meters of the smallest room to 120 square meters of the largest apartment, equipped with a small private pool on the balcony.
"On the ground floor there will be a restaurant and a lounge cafe': fashion, good food and hospitality for our guests"

The right Made in Italy of YURI creations gives value to the Italian craftsmanship and realizes each woman desire, the ones to keep in a special place where you can keep safe your secrets.